Yellowstone: Your trip to hot and steamy natural beauty


Looking for ‘hot spot’ to hang out for a Spring break vacation? I know just the place. Its not Cancun, not Acapulco, not Miami… its Yellowstone. Yellowstone pops the top off the pot, brimming with hot and steamy natural beauty.


A friend of mine, Caleb of Denver, Colorado, recently took a trip to Yellowstone national park which sits on a 34 by 45 mile expanse (3,468.4 square miles) of Super-volcanic caldera features, covered by the Yellowstone Plateau and surrounded by the high and mighty Middle Rocky Mountains. His trip awakened me to how significant Yellowstone is, both to our continents geological and geographical history, and also its double edged potential to provide energy; both constructive and destructive.


Tourists observing steam rising from a hot spring at Yellowstone National Park. Photo taken by Caleb G.


Caleb’s trip as he described it, was epic and created an awakening in him.

In a brief interview Caleb describes his experience as revitalizing and other-worldly.  “Walking through all of the steam and hot air that was rising from the springs… felt like another planet… yet revitalizing.” 


(More on this interview coming soon… pending another interview to verify details with Caleb)


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