Open Source Cartography

This past week at the FOSS4G open source geospatial software conference in Portland Oregon map makers and developers exhibited talents, methodologies and software that are as inspiring as they are enabling. I myself took two insightful workshops at Portland State University (PSU) and volunteered for some phenomenal presentations hosted at the Oregon Convention Center.

With these open source tools I will be transforming some static maps I created for previous clients and cartography class exercises into web maps. With the flexibility and accessibility that open source GIS platforms like OpenGeo, GeoNode and CartoDB give us as map makers of the present (online and on mobile) I am excited to breathe new life into previous works. Stay tuned, I welcome any comments on this new portfolio of work I will post here on

Oh and thanks again to everyone who helped make FOSS4G happen, it was truly an eye opening experience to what we can do with the power of where.



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