Uruguay: did you know? tales from a tiny nation with big ideas


Did you know…


Where Uruguay is?

Uruguay is a Spanish-speaking country in South America bordered to the North by Brazil and to the West by El Rio De La Plata (River Plate) and Argentina. The national capital city is Montevideo, first established in 1724 and home to nearly half of the country’s population.


Montevideo, Uruguay can be found at the following coordinates (degrees, minutes, seconds):


34° 53′ 1″ S56° 10′ 55″ W


According to a New York Times article and several current citizens, the country boasts a democracy held in high regard by many experts on government & democratic freedoms. A study done in 2015 ranked Uruguay as a high income nation and the least corrupt nation in South America (overall 21st least corrupt in the world). Locals refer to their country as similar to Switzerland in respect to its relative diplomacy, peace and civil liberties.


While Montevideo’s economy relies on tourism heavily, trade has always brought many things to local port of Montevideo and facilitated exporting products from the interior and neighboring Argentina. One of Uruguay’s staples is its grass feed beef & dairy products. Uruguay made the history books in 2008 when some volunteer cooks, many happy citizens and a Guinness World Book of Records judge gathered on a Sunday to cook 12 metric tonnes (26,400 lbs) of beef for a massive barbecue. According to a Reuters journalist, one volunteer cook said “I’m very proud to be Uruguayan. We (Uruguayans) have the best beef and now we have the world’s biggest barbecue,” which was true until recently in 2011, Argentina surpassed Uruguay’s record with its own barbecue by 1.713 tonnes of beef.


Uruguay is also known for its Dulce de Leche (tastes like caramel), whose literary translation is “sweet [made] of milk,”and is a popular dessert. Made by simply cooking milk with sugar this jam-like dessert is a treat many locals and travelers alike enjoy spread onto thin-pancakes or by itself served by the spoonful (the author of this post holds the opinion that both are equally delicious). Lapataia makes some of the best Dulce de Leche and is headquartered only a few miles inland of Uruguay’s popular resort destination Punta Del Este. Punta Del Este, translated literally as Point of the East, is also know its for beautiful beaches, attracting thousands of tourists in the summer months and offering a variety of events and attractions not present in Montevideo.


If you would like to read more about Uruguay there is another blog post on geoidlife.com from December 2013. The New York Times article mentioned in this blog post can be found here: Uruguay’s Quiet Democratic Miracle: NY Times.  The best Dulce de Leche can be found ranked by a Uruguayan survey here: Top 10 Dulce de Leches: Taringa! If you are still curious about Uruguay, Montevideo or Punta del Este, contact the author of this blog post; Uruguayan, been numerous times and loves geography. Email us at geoidlife@gmail.com for more details.


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