The 5 things I learned when I lost a friend on the mountain.

This story will make you cry, laugh & hopefully bolster you to meet the challenges of everyday with a smile & another foot forward: My buddy Nate’s story in memory of his friend’s passing yet also a celebration of how full of life & passionate this dude’s life was. Really makes you want to get up off your seat & run up a mountain… or 3


I’m fortunate in this life to have many friends who share my same passions. I never need to look far if I want to share a nice hike, good beer, or night of live music. It is rare, however, to meet someone whose fiery passion for everything they do is so contagious that it inspires everyone around them to push their limits.

I met Justin on Craigslist. He sent a single sentence reply to an ad I had posted looking for a new roommate. Since I was broke and the deadline was coming up, we scheduled a time for him to come by and see the place. He introduced himself as Jarstin McFlarstin (an actual nickname that everyone, even family, calls him).  The apartment was an absolute shithole, but only minutes after his arrival we were already swapping stories of grand adventures – summit conquests and life changing hikes. I was immediately inspired…

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