Relocation: First impressions on Denver, Colorado and Front Range

While visiting various parts of Colorado on an EDM (Electronic Dance Music) road-trip with two buddies, a mutual friend of mine caught my eye via Instagram during a brief stay in Boulder. Alex Flordelis, as his personal website states, developed an enthusiasm for the outdoors early on in life. Building on this enthusiasm for the outdoors Alex discovered a natural talent for photography in various natural and beautiful landscapes, near and far from his hometown of Camarillo, California. Somewhere down this road of discovery however, Alex had to relocate his home-base, if we may call it as such, to Denver, Colorado. A move like this to some would seem uneasy or unfavorable, however Alex paints a different story when we at asked him his story of relocation and what he thought of Denver:


(geo) How did your decision to move to Denver, Colorado come about? (change of scenery, job opportunity,  healthy lifestyle etc…)


(Alex) My girlfriend, whom I met in college in California, applied to medical schools all over the country. Out of all the colleges she was accepted to, she decided on a college in Colorado due to the growing job opportunities there, outdoor lifestyle, and the relative proximity to other significant parts of the United States.


(Alex) I majored in graphic design for marketing in college so I (was) able to apply my skills in Denver really easily. I have found a lot of open jobs here in my field.


(Alex) I have always been really active in the outdoor community. We (girlfriend and I) had the choice between Seattle and Denver, but we ultimately chose Denver because of how much it rains in Seattle. Both Seattle and Denver are within a 2 hour plan ride to Southern California where both of our families live.


(geo)  What was the biggest difference you noticed between Southern California and Colorado?


(Alex) I have only been living here for a month so far and the major difference I have noticed so far would be the weather. I, personally, got really tired of the 365 days of sunshine that California offered, especially the major heat waves hit the valleys of California. Denver offers a great mixture of weather and I love it. I CANNOT wait for fall and winter!


(Alex) Another major difference I noticed is the traffic and the drivers here. The drivers in Denver are not in a major rush like Southern California drivers. Denver drivers let you merge when you need and they are mostly polite. Also, the traffic here is nothing compared to Southern California traffic. Everything is roughly about a 20 minute drive from where I live and this time-estimate includes the benign  Denver traffic.


(geo) What makes Denver such a great place to live in your mind?


(Alex) In my opinion, Denver offers everything I need to live the lifestyle I want. Since it’s a growing city, there are plenty of job opportunities for me. I find that I am able to grow in my career here without as much competition as one would find in Southern California (Greater Los Angeles metropolitan area). Anything you would want to do in the outdoors is within a 2 hour drive. Whether you want to walk by a river or ride a bike, there are streams and rivers everywhere in Denver. I can walk to a river in 10 minutes from my apartment. Good luck finding water in Souther California, unless it’s the ocean. Also BEER, enough said.


(geo) What do Coloradans, or Colorado natives, have in common that you have noticed is a very positive character trait? (what makes these people tick, happy, fulfilled)?


(Alex) I don’t think I have been living here long enough to answer this fully. However, I have noticed that people are more polite and happy to strangers here.


(geo) What one thing about Colorado, and or Denver, makes you happy, and or proud, to be a resident?


(Alex) Being in a city, the area is really clean. I’m not sure if people are more conscious about trash or if there are jobs that have people clean up all the time.


(geo) Where is your favorite place to hike in Colorado?


(Alex) I feel like I cant answer this until I explore more haha But Estes National Park is my  favorite so far!


(geo) Where is your favorite place to shoot photography in Colorado (nature)? why?


(Alex) I feel like Colorado in general offer’s a TON of great places to shoot photography. I have been shooting photography for a while now, so I can turn any area into a good location. Again, I might have to come back to this question after I explore more. I am going up to the Rockies this week, so we will see what kind of photos I come back with!


(geo) Where is your favorite place to go on a long drive in Colorado? why?


(Alex) I haven’t explored much yet. My car got broken into within the first week when I moved here and my car has been in the shop ever since.


(geo) What are the 3 to 5 best things, in your opinion, within in a one hour radius of Denver, Colorado?


(Alex) REI flagship store, breweries breweries and more breweries, numerous amounts of camping spots and hiking trails!


(geo) What is your favorite Craft or Micro-brewery in Colorado? …why?


(Alex)  I can’t say yet. So many options!



(geo) What is your hands-down favorite beer? Any particular beer you prefer to take on a hike or outdoors?


(Alex)  90 minute by dogfish head



Thank you Alex for your time! You can follow Alex on social media or check out his website to see his work as a graphic designer, photographer and web developer at:


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