Coachella & everything in between

Ever go on a trip somewhere and have such a kick ass experience you subconsciously sabotage your own way back?

Like some epic movies (films) let’s begin at the end:

2 missed flights and the radiator on my friend’s Jeep Liberty, which we were traveling in, exploded while driving out of the desert. The day before leaving, a sandstorm hit the Coachella Festival and Valley forcing us to cover our mouths and rush to the parking lot as the festival winded down but wind speed increased and kicked up pockets of sand everywhere.

I witnessed signs get knocked over, car windshield damage, not us knock on …sand, people falling over due to really strong gusts and overall all of us ended up with literally a little taste of the desert despite our efforts to cover our mouths; a sandy souvenir I could have done without. It seemed the desert had a strong hold on us and did not want to let us leave without a fight or some strong memories of its power and perils. Nevertheless, I had a blast at the festival, saw some of the best musical and performing arts on massive stages decorated with brightest arrays of lights and effects you never knew existed and overall thoroughly enjoyed sharing some fantastic memories with my friends. The journey there was just the beginning of the fun.

Matt, his roommate Rob and I decided to road-trip to Coachella in a Jeep Liberty with a booming bass heavy sound system, no reservations until the night before we got anywhere and a determination to see all that we could on the way to the festival. For the first half off the tip the “crew” made several stops at National Parks along the way. First stop was Zion National Park. The stars the first night seemed so bright, you could see the Milky Way galaxy and silhouettes of the rock formations we would explore the next day.  The highlight for me was the departing from Boulder, Colorado as our origin.

A day later our crew, Matt, Rob and I, headed into Arizona to see Antelope Canyon. Antelope canyon is a slot canyon,  its walls are made of mostly sandstone carved out by flash floods during rain storms which result in fascinating curves and crevices that you can sometimes just squeeze by while traversing the canyon floor. The way the light filters into the canyon is incredible and makes for excellent photography and a sight that will make you want to stay and just observe in awe however the canyon is heavily trafficked by tourists and you will have time for pictures but not too much time to hang out and stare. Later that day the Grand Canyon (more pictures coming soon) after which we drove all the way to San Diego, California in the night.

The days were spent under the hot Indio sun listening and moving to the beat of our favorite musicians performing live in front of thousands of like minded Coachella-goers. The nights were also spent watching the headliners of the festival, some, like Tycho played a set right at sunset projecting at the time what seemed to be the perfect soundtrack to watch a desert sunset with mountains, palm trees and wide open spaces filled with an ever changing colorful sky on the horizon the later it got into the evening before us. Radiohead had a spectacular set that lasted late into the first night in addition to many other headliners like Bon Iver, Kendrick Lamar, Phantogram, Hans Zimmer, Tove Lo, Lady Gaga, Galantis and Nicolas Jaar.



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