geoidlife: at the intersection of geography and daily life



At the intersection of geography and everyday, “geoidlife” is a blog on travel, adventure, photography, geography and GIS.

Visit us here to share anything relevant to geography, location-based software, human geography and natural geographic phenomena occurring on this wonderful geoid (our planet Earth).



Many thanks to A2-20 graphic design firm for helping us develop this logo for our site!



If you are interested, here is a breakdown of the thoughts behind naming this blog “geoidlife

Breakdown of the GEOIDLIFE name:

g: G  geographic diversity in travel, recreation, bucket-list etc… 

e: E  environmental stewardship, environmental science & sustainability (recycling etc….)

o: O  observation of current trends in how your location is used to fuel big-data decisions & marketing plans of many of the biggest business in our world

id:  ID:  we are living in a world where your “geo-id,” or your current-location, defined by latitude & longitude, is more powerful and important to than your given-name, surname, SSN, income, Passport number, drivers license identification, street-address etc… 

        Your current-location means just about EVERYTHING!    & it is constantly relevant thanks to laptop & smartphone-enabled location-services

life:   LIFE:   life is beautiful !




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