Currently working with a friend to create a new time-lapse near Great Falls, Virginia.

These are some videos that inspire us at!







This page is dedicated to all fun activities that are possible on our geoid!


And if you put your mind to it, nearly anything is possible when fun is the agenda.

Extreme sports, epic hikes, climbing, adrenaline pumping sky dives, you name it, if it was a blast and involves our natural environment in some way, it belongs here.

Forest canopy zipline tour in California

Great way to discover the wild coniferous forests of the west in Southern California. Navitat offers a sustainable and environmentally conscious adventure tours throughout the mountains of Wrightwood in SoCal.

Air-boarding in Switzerland

This air-boarding clip or “tubing with no rules” as I would like to call it shows us that you don’t have own a pair of skis or a snowboard to enjoy the steep slopes of the Alps in Switzerland. It also shows some Holy men (Altar-servers in this case) getting radical and just enjoying what the natural snowpack of the Swiss Alps can offer them. Woo Hoo!

Salt flat boarding?!

Will climate change have us snowboarding and skiing on these desert landscapes?  I sure hope not, however it very cool and original to see this being done:

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